ComeLetsBuyLocal is an idea.

Powered by our original philosophy, we believe it will change how we shop & save forever.

 At our core, we are a company that puts people’s best interests at heart. We’re the same as anyone else, wanting to help and get the best experiences in life as well!

Our logic is very simple. If more people come together to buy, the cheaper the deal becomes for everyone.   By giving our carefully selected suppliers guaranteed customers, we all save money.

Our business is as simple as this idea.  The Social Dilemma: Social media is commonly used to like, comment and share posts. Unknowingly, people get enticed into buying products and ending up making those who are rich even richer. Companies profit off making their items more expensive, and we want to change this.

We want to use the power of social media beyond likes and shares to join hands together to buy only the thing that you need. 


If you save money, you’ll benefit, and so will everyone else that came together to make a purchase. It is a WIN-WIN for all!


How can we help you?
We want you to benefit from joining our journey. Here are just two simple ways we think, you will benefit by being with us.

1. Savings: The more people that come together to get a deal through us, the better discount you will get. These savings you achieve through us, you can use it for important stuff, such as food, school/university, household essentials, medicines etc. The impact of COVID19 is felt by everyone around us and especially now, every single penny saved counts!

2. Entrepreneurship: You can also be part of our expansion team who will own a particular local area or industry segment or even a particular product/service. There is no charge to be on board with us. We are looking for people who want to be independent and live the life they want. If our suppliers succeed, our customers succeed, we see you, and we succeed too. Write to us, if you want to be part of this exciting journey too. 

Our only requirement is that the deals that you will bring to us have to be authentic, quality checked and at a price that will be great for our customers. 


What we can do for your local business.
The local business around us are dying because we are now so digital, we want everything delivered to our home at the best price possible within 1 hour since we decide to buy it. Local businesses cannot compete with huge marketing spend to attract local people. 

 By changing the fundamental behaviour of how and where we shop, we can give guaranteed () business to local shops, you, the customer, will directly help save and support their jobs, and in turn, the whole economy. . This committed flow of business will allow them to give you the best of experience without worrying on spending money on marketing and huge operational costs. 

If we see this switch happening, we forsee a positive relationship  developing between local businesses and local people.


From here, it isn’t clear whether you’re pitching to the consumer or the supplier? Maybe make it clear? 

What is in it for us?

We believe that a normal human being, with a healthy lifestyle, lives no more than 80 years. Very few exceptional individuals go beyond 80. Given our life is so short, why do we all run behind so much money constantly? 

This key philosophy is the backbone of our company. We do not want to become the next billion-dollar company with only the top 5-10 individuals being multi-millionaires. We want to grow with you. We want you to be happy and be part of our journey. 

We have started small but hope that with your support we will do more.