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How Social Media connections can make you more successful

Bill Gates & Warren Buffet.

How Social Media connections can make you more successful

Do you remember how many friends, connections, followers you have across all your Social Media accounts? You might keep counting them in the beginning but then found it pretty meaningless. Have you thought about how it benefits your life other than having a nice number near your account photo? 

I am an economist (my diploma), and in a university, I learnt that effectiveness is everything. My heart is crying when there are plenty of missed opportunities and unused resources.  

I want to share with you one way how your social media numbers can make a change in your professional life

How other people can change your professional story  

When I was about to finish my graduation, I was scared to find a job. I felt that I was so immature that no one in business will be interested in working with me. 

After a few of my interviews with companies, occasionally, one of my professors referred me to an unusual place. It was a centre specialized on Artificial Intelligence, bioscience and a lot of nice tech things that I had no clue about. Interviews there were strange, informal. I got tasks. Completed them. They invited me to do work for free. Then they invited me to work officially (after three months of my participation). The salary was low; work was a bit unstructured and outcomes were uncertain.  

I loved that place. My boss was very different from all people I saw before. She looked at things differently; she did work differently; she made jokes differently. She mentored more than managed. And I became a different person. 

Through my professional journey, people with a distinctive perspective, insights from that field that they specialized in and desire to share made a tremendous contribution to my growth.  

There are much more impressive examples of the contribution of others in professional development. 

Mike Markkula (second CEO of Apple)  mentored Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple, almost everybody knows it) in the first years of his career.  

Steve Jobs, by himself, became a mentor for Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder of Facebook).  

Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) was supported professionally by Warren Buffet (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway). 

Jeff Weiner (executive chairman of LinkedIn) was inspired by Ray Chambers (Wall Street pioneer). 

Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) plays a mentoring role for Brian Halligan (co-founder of HubSpot). 

More examples are on Virgin here

‘Good mentoring can lead to greater career success, including promotions, raises, and increased opportunities’, according to researches (more on Forbes here). 

How your growth connected to social media numbers 

When you look at Facebook and LinkedIn posts about something interesting professionally, what is your immediate reaction? Like, comment? Of course, you don’t want to engage with each piece of content. However, those that inspired you, challenged your thoughts or made you look for more, can lead to a more significant change in your life.  

A person, an author, who many times impressed you by his/her thoughts is not only a good connection on Social Media. If he/she is from the field where you want to be, discover, grow, it could become a mutually beneficial collaboration. You can get mentoring and give back skills and some time. Insights and connections of the person who has immense experience in any professional field will help you get things that you would spend ages discovering by yourself. Just send a quick message: 

‘Hi …, I have been reading you great posts for the last ….  

I enjoy the way you talk about ___ 

For the last ___ I have been working on ___ and I want to grow in ___ 

I know how exceptional your experience is.  

And it will be a pleasure for me to bring value to you and your projects. I have expertise in ___ and so passionate about ___ .

How do you feel about it?’ 

Put yourself in the shoes of this person. What will be your reaction, if you get this message? 

With a good probability, you will get a warm response. 

A few experts in your circle will be happy to get some support. That will give you a chance (once you get closer and build trust) to be involved in the work of a more experienced person and ask questions about your professional challenges.  

It will be a great way how both of you can share value in a professional field. 


You grow the numbers of your social media connections but do these numbers benefit you? It can bring you a professional boost. More connections mean more chances that you can get a great mentor, advice and unique insights from the field which you want to pursue. 

Get real value from your social connections. And the professional field is not only one way to do it.  

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With believe in the best way of living and shopping,


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