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Why local shopping brings happiness


Why local shopping brings happiness

Do you like when you find in a shop exactly what you needed? Or it exceeds your expectations.  

And you also hear about something new, special for you? Not salesy, not annoying.  

It could be an advice about how to cook cookies in a new way, fix shelf on your wall or where to get the best accessories for your kids in a new car.  

And something else. 

How often do you get this in big brands? In online shops? 

Local shops are different. Those places that are run by passionate people who chose to create something new and serve people. Here is warmth, smile, interest not only in transactions but in you. Here you get more than a cup of the same coffee or a predictable (till the last word) email. 

What does it mean buying from Locals? 

Locals give you what you like 

I have a long list of my favourite local cafes. What I get there, no chain can give me.  

These guys know me, know where I want to sit, what I want to drink. Having a menu doesn’t stop them from doing something unique for me.  

I will not hear ‘Oh, sorry, it’s all that we have’.


They are flexible; they are creators; they are friends. 

You feel that you come and somebody will solve your problem

And once they get something new in the store, they will think about you. Because last time you came and didn’t find it. And you were a bit sad, and they were a bit sad. With you

Locals know what you need 

A website or a supermarket doesn't know what your home looks like, what you like to do in the morning, who you miss and who you love so much. They don’t know when you need energy and when you need silence, why you want to lose weight or start writing. 


Locals know your story. They ask, and they genuinely want to know (it’s not a simple act of politeness). They think what will match you more at this moment of your life even if you didn’t tell them. A board game for kids, seat near the window or unusual gift for your parents may bring a lot of joy in your life. Only people who know us can read our mind, especially if we haven’t thought about it. 

Locals will give you something unique  

I have this feeling of ‘norm’; something copied when I am in a chain. There are business effectiveness and me on another side. It dictates the choice of colour, shape, taste. I see things that will make a shop the most profitable will have the least risk to be spoiled or not being sold. It’s a mass option for ‘average’ customer who doesn’t exist. It’s not particularly for you or me, and it’s lifeless. 

This ‘normal’ stuff provides ‘normal’ experience through your life. Your room will look like one of your neighbours; your backpack will be the same as you see on strangers and so on. 

Variety of teas

 A local shop is more for a person and less for cashflow. You find absolutely ‘crazy’ options here, and some of them are waiting for you.  


You choose big shops, websites and international brands that don’t have human spark, to save time and money. And you miss real-life, unique, authentic, different.  

‘Personalised experience’ and recommendations features are great, but the most personalised experience you will get with a PERSON. She chose to open own business, face every day a lot of headaches and has minimal knowledge about the marketing funnel. This experience will bring you joy, understanding, fulfilment and emotional connection. It's a small piece of a huge cake 'happiness'.

Local shops are magical, and you will be surprised that you will save money by buying local. We have options for you. Check our product page and you will see.

With love to local businesses,


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