£2,000 off! Toyota C-HR Hybrid from £24,245

Our logic is simple.

More people, join the group, the better the deal becomes for everyone.

How it works:

1. One person completing car purchase: £1,500 (with PCP) or £1,000 (if cash only) 
2. A group of two people completing car purchase: £1,750 (with PCP) or £1,250 (if cash only)
3. A group of three or more people completing car purchase:£2,000 (with PCP) or  £1,500 (if cash only)


There are additional benefits:
1. Given the COVID19 situation, our kind Toyota dealer has additionally agreed to throw in another monetary saving as benefit (value of £300-£400). It is exclusive to ComeLetsBuyLocal customers, we will reveal this to you when you join the deal. 

2. There is additional discount for part-exchange potentially taking your savings to approximately £7,000 (based on one person joining and car exchange worth £6000/-)

You will need to complete the purchase within the specified time period by visiting the showroom or can purchase directly on phone/online through our dealer. 

The total number of people joining this deal or any other car deal will be visible on this page after the first person joins. 

Terms & Conditions:

1. Given the conscious shopping principle, we understand you may change your mind. If you decide to buy any other car with our dealer, the discount for that particular car will become applicable. You do not need to join multiple deals on our website. Just joining this deal you are looking at right now is perfect.

2. This deal is an exclusive run for the local community helping local businesses. Given the competition will repeat similar deals or offer, it may happen that we will not be always beaten on price but we will not be beaten on quality of service and dealership care that you will find through us. To assure you,  if you do find a better deal anywhere, we will equal it or try to beat it as long as you provide us the proof of such a discount from the same dealer location we are working with. 

3. If the total number of people are not reaching the required group discount level, then the £99 will be returned back to you. We will also help you negotiate additional deal discount if you still want to go ahead with your purchase. 

4. Please note, you should join the deal if you are serious to buy a Toyota car. We can only negotiate exclusive offer once you reach that stage. Your £99 is only reserved on your card and is not taken from your account until you complete purchase. If anyone drops out after confirming purchase without a valid reason (e.g. job/health), the deposit of £99 will be distributed equally to other customers and dealer (for their time spent). We will not take any commission from such customers who changed their mind.

£2000 less + Fuel+ Service if 3 people buy
People Needed for Maximum Discount
Market Price without Discount: £26,245.00
Price with Maximum Discount: £24,245.00
Price to pay now to lock your discount: £99.00
Deal Location Croydon, London, Gr. London - Delivered all UK
Deal expires on: 03 Jan 2021
Product Video

Product Description

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Toyota C-HR Design Standard equipment

Fuel consumption and CO2 produced will vary depending on a number of factors, including options, accessories fitted (post-registration), driving style, road conditions, vehicle speed and load. Find out more about WLTP.

When you buy a Toyota C-HR Design, you can be assured that we have packed your vehicle with standard features to help create a safer driving environment. From daytime running lights and vehicle stability control, you can be confident in your journey.




Image removed.

Toyota C-HR Design - 5 Door Crossover

from £26,225 (if 3 people buy together through ComeLetsBuyLocal)

Toyota C-HR Icon - 5 Door Crossover

from £24,245.00 (if 3 people buy together through ComeLetsBuyLocal)




Image removed.

Toyota C-HR Excel - 5 Door Crossover

from £28,730.00 (if 3 people buy together through ComeLetsBuyLocal)


Image removed.

Toyota C-HR Dynamic - 5 Door Crossover

from £28,870.00 (if 3 people buy together through ComeLetsBuyLocal)


Image removed.

Toyota C-HR Orange Edition - 5 Door Crossover

from £31,215.00 (if 3 people buy together through ComeLetsBuyLocal)

Explore more details of cars here - C-HR | Explore the Toyota CHR Crossover SUV | Toyota UK

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